About us

Inspired by Science and Nature, Norm creates eco-engineered products that emphasizes timeless design, sustainability and innovation. Designed in Belgium and Consciously made in Portugal since 2019.


Dear customers,

NORM doesn’t want to be a sustainable brand.

Not because we don’t believe in climate change. 
But because the word ‘sustainable’ has been used by everyone. Anyone.

A fast-fashion brand, planting a few trees every year can claim to be ‘sustainable’. 

A luxury brand using recycled materials for one of its products, but using fur, nylon and polyester for all the others can claim to be ‘sustainable’.

If greenwashing companies are sustainable, what are we?

Norm has been built on equality, ethical integrity, and sustainable design. 
Not on expensive brand campaigns, flashy headlines, or empty promises.

At Norm, we have a simple philosophy - it’s the planet Earth, first.

The technologies, the materials, and the suppliers we choose must all strengthen our values.

Are we ‘sustainable’ like all other brands?
No. We’re much more than that.